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Engo is a unique music artiste who has combine both Sacred and secular vibes to always give amazing live band stage performances at both Gospel and non-gospel events. This uniqueness of his work made him stand out in the industry.

Find out more about this multi-talented Nigeria Celebrity in an exclusive interview below.


  Q: Can we meet you?

ENGO: I am ENGO coined from the word [Entertainment GOspeller], with the personal name Oluwasegun Clement. I am a graduate of Electrical Electronics Engineering from Ekiti State University. I am an Entertainer, Educator, and an Evangelist. I am also known as “the Spiritual Lyricist”.

Q: What genre of music do you sing?

ENGO: My genre of music is a blend of HIP-HOP’S/RAPS with other genres of music 

Q: Can we know some of those events you have performed?

ENGO: I have performed in several events like; celebrating the comforter, Luli Concert, Rhythm of Praises, Etisalat easy cliq, your MTN music plus, and lots more.

Q: As an educator, how do you go about that?

ENGO: Well, I am a mathematics and a science tutor.  

Q: What else do you do aside from being an Entertainer, Educator, and Evangelist?

ENGO: I am a compere and Event host.

Q: Is there any other aspects of the entertainment your songs have been featured in?

ENGO: Yes. My love for music made it easy to make soundtracks for several Nollywood movies and I am graciously recognized for it.

Q: Do you have any projects at hand?

ENGO: Yes. I currently have three projects which are two mixtapes called ” Engocentric Mixtape 1 and 2″ and an EP called “Jechohirami (God of Blessing)”

Q: What are these mixtapes about?

ENGO: The mixtapes are major cover or mashup of secular music and beat with beautiful rap lines on the subject for the sake of entertainment and skills while the EP (8 tracks) is a major project targeted at the sacred fan with a great soul-lifting message over skill.

Q: Where do we get all these songs?

ENGO: All my songs are available on all digital platforms (audiomack, Itunes, Spotify, e.t.c) including collaboration such as OLOGO ft. Kenny Blaq is the latest.
 To get Engo songs you can click on the link below 


and his videos are available on YouTube
channel @Engo cbe  


    Also, you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat using @Engocbe.   




By Evelyn Olaniyan 
Have you ever been on the road? Or, maybe a destination with no end. How does it feel like? It is like your life is set in a motion. This exactly what education is.
Education is a continuous life process that doesn’t stop for a second. The day it stops is the day one dies. Education is forever. Every value you add to your life each day is education.
Dr. Seuss said, “the more you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you’ll go”. The day we are born is the day we board the vehicle called “education”, that day you start your journey. The destination of education is the day one dies.
The energy for your vehicle is acquiring more knowledge which keeps your vehicle relevant and updated. Imagine someone using the olden day’s wooden truck in this 21st century. That person will look arcade. That is how it is with education. Education should be continually growing with the vast growth of the world. This why sitting on the four walls of a classroom and repeating the same old method of learning in the 19th century in the 21st century makes students look and sound arcade. This learning has limited the functionality of students among their peers from other countries who have expanded their learning beyond just classwork work.
It is nobody’s fault that Formal Education overrides informal Education, but there must be a need for an all-around Education in the formal settings. Going to school, learning to read and write, cramming what we are been taught without proper knowledge of its application to the world and our everyday life, is like driving the old wagon in this time of Benz. This will leave us in the prison, preventing us from tasting the goodness of the outside world of new technology.
With the way Education is being run in this country of ours, there is a need for a change for it to reflect the dynamic needs of a rapidly automating and digitizing economy.
Education should be the expression of individual personhood. If expressing who I am is only by showing off my certificates, then there is an error of who I am. We have been constructed to believe that the end of our education is earning or badging a certificate which is not. Certificates most times are just like containers without good content. With how the world is growing, in a few years to come, having the container (certificate) without good content will take you nowhere. Fighting hard to be a doctor, lawyer and the likes are gradually reducing because everyone is running into the Digital world where all they need is skills like Digital Marketing, Content Creation, Graphic Designing……where your certificate is not required to perform a good job. You just have to be good at your skills.
The best way of learning is by testing limits, not by taking tests. If students are going to discover their talents, explore their interests, and pursue their passions they should spend more time looking up and beyond the classroom and much less time looking down at standardized tests.
Carrying out all tests for certificates collection cannot measure and predicts who will be successful in college, career, and life just as a driver’s test can’t tell who will speed, text, or drink and drive as an adult.
The purpose of Education is not to “arrive” at a particular level of proficiency “on time”. “Education should be focused more on preparing students for lifelong learning, rather than high stakes testing. What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge and not knowledge in pursuit of the child” says George Bernard Shaw.





The lapel pin is a fashionable piece of jewelry and it’s made for men.
These pins help to spice up the dress made for men as it is easily noticed for its uniqueness,  Lapel pin can be used for both Native and English wears such as; Suit, Senator, Shirts, Atiku, Chinos, e.t.c.
Lapel pins are of different types, kinds, and styles, Some lapel pins are pure steel, some are a combination of steel and materials, some are pure materials.

Lapel pins can be used with or without a chain depending on your taste, Many make the mistake of where to wear their lapel pins many a time.
Lapel pins should always be wear on the left side, It can be more than one on the outfit if the main objective is to decorate. It is also acceptable to wear a lapel pin in the middle of a tie unless it is a complete mismatch.
There are different types of Lapel pins. We have the Floral lapel pin, Badge Lapel pin, Vintage Lapel pin, Long stem Lapel pin, Customised Lapel pins, e.t.c. Though many do not have an interest in the making of lapel pins, it is a lucrative business.

To get your Lapel pins, contact us at IREDE COLLECTIONS. ©IREDE Collections



HEALTH TALKS – ©Kayode Folasade Mary (RN)


It is not far-fetched that corona-virus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered virus.
It is a global disease which already had affected 200 countries including Nigeria. The pandemic was first discovered in the city of Wuhan, China 2019, and has since affected lots of people globally resulting in more than  200 million deaths.
similarly, more than 200 thousand new cases are recorded daily across the world. Various countries have reacted swiftly since the outbreak of this pandemic, with notable and significant recoveries. It is also evidenced that the health care system is also overwhelmed.
Numerous health care personnel have been infected with the virus leading to a shortage of hospital workers, to attend to the rapid increase in the number of new corona-virus cases. There is a need to presently acquit ourselves with preventive actions to decrease the number of new cases with the aim that health workers can successfully manage the present cases without being inundated.
These preventive measures include a wide range of activities known as an intervention which can be divided into primary and secondary interventions aimed at reducing risks.

The aim is to prevent corona-virus before it ever occurs. This Includes * Education about healthy and safe habits .e.g avoiding smoking, reducing consumption of alcohol, good dietary pattern. * Regular washing of hands with soap under running water. * Use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer. * Use of face mask. * Maintaining social distance. *Government policies and enforcement of the ban on the social gathering, imposing preventive measures on violators of preventive guidelines. * Immunization against the virus.
This aims at reducing the impact of coronavirus on those already infected, by detecting and treating the virus as soon as possible to halt its progress. This includes * Regular examination and screening tests to detect the virus in its early stage. * Reporting to the helplines and nearest health facility once symptoms are detected.
The symptoms include Fever, difficulty with breathing (dyspepsia), loss of sense of taste and smell, cough, and sore throat.

The reduction in the number of new cases depends on the attitude of individuals towards compliance to these preventive measures. For the pandemic of the Corona-virus to stop spreading rapidly, primary and secondary interventions are needed to achieve a meaningful degree of prevention and protection.

©Kayode foliage (RN)


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