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Spotlight on Olaonipekun Isaiah Oluwagbotemi: Gospel Sensation “DePsalmist”

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Spotlight on Olaonipekun Isaiah Oluwagbotemi: Gospel Sensation “DePsalmist”

In the vibrant landscape of Gospel music in Nigeria, a luminous figure emerges, captivating hearts and souls with melodies of faith and devotion. Olaonipekun Isaiah Oluwagbotemi, popularly known as “DePsalmist,” stands as a testament to the power of gospel music to inspire and uplift the human spirit. With a voice that resonates with the depth of his belief in Christ Jesus, DePsalmist’s journey through music and life is a compelling narrative of passion, purpose, and perseverance.

Early Life and Education

Born and raised in the rich cultural milieu of Ogun State, in the western part of Nigeria, DePsalmist’s early life was steeped in the rhythms and melodies of his homeland. His educational journey took him to the prestigious Heritage Polytechnic in Akwa Ibom State, where he honed his skills in Mass Communication. This foundational period not only shaped his academic pursuits but also solidified his unwavering faith in Christ Jesus, which would later become the cornerstone of his musical career.

A Diverse Professional

Aside from his musical endeavors, DePsalmist is a man of many talents. He serves as a financial analyst and business developer at one of the leading fintech organizations in Nigeria, showcasing his acumen in the corporate world. His entrepreneurial spirit is further evidenced by his role as the CEO of LOOKNICE FASHION PALACE, a clothing brand that has carved a niche for itself in Nigeria’s fashion industry. Through these ventures, DePsalmist exemplifies the balance between artistic passion and professional excellence.

Music Ministry

At the heart of DePsalmist’s life is his unapologetic belief in Christ Jesus. His main focus is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through the medium he knows best—music. Whether it’s through worship or praise, his goal is to remind people of the love, grace, and mercy of God. DePsalmist has graced many church programs across different denominations within Nigeria, ministering to countless souls and leading them in moments of spiritual reflection and jubilation.

His collaborations with notable figures in the Gospel music scene, such as Big Bolaji, Esther Igbekele, Goke Bajowa, Kemi Rehoboth, and Bose Adeiwa, highlight his significance in the gospel music community. Through these partnerships, DePsalmist has extended his reach, touching more lives with his message of faith and hope.


DePsalmist’s musical repertoire is as diverse as it is profound. With one album and several singles to his credit, he has made significant contributions to the gospel music landscape. Tracks like “Amazing God,” “Nu Omije mi Nu,” and “Olorun Iwo ni” showcase his versatility as a musician and his depth as a worshipper. These songs not only encapsulate his musical talent but also convey his deep-seated faith and his desire to lead others in worship.


Olaonipekun Isaiah Oluwagbotemi, “DePsalmist,” is more than just a gospel music minister; he is a beacon of faith, a bridge between the divine and the earthly through the power of music. As he continues to inspire and uplift with his unique blend of worship and praise, DePsalmist remains a formidable figure in Nigeria’s gospel music scene, reminding us all of the transformative power of faith, music, and dedication.

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