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Difference between Artiste Featuring and Collaboration

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Many times you have heard a person being featured in a song or work and
Some times being a collaboration
Many people tends to confused the two and some thinks it’s the same thing

So If you didn’t know, then atleast now you will know and If you knew, but couldn’t figure out how it works, here’s your chance

When an artist is featured on a song, it means that they are not the main artist or the lead performer on the track. Rather, they are a guest artist who has been invited to contribute to the song. Their contribution could be in the form of a verse, a chorus, or even just a few lines

So, when you see a song listed as “Artist A featuring Artist B,” it means that Artist A is the main artist, and Artist B is the featured artist. In other words, Artist A is the lead performer, and Artist B is a guest who has been invited on the track.
This means A owns the masters and is responsible for the publishing of the song while Artiste B who are the featured artists do not do so they can not perform or use this song without permission from Artiste A and his Management

On the other hand, when you see a song listed as “Artist A and Artist B,” it means that both artists are equal collaborators on the song. They both have an equal share in the performance and creation of the song, and neither one is the main artist or the featured artist. In other words, we can not completely say A is the owner of the song because his collaboration with B was an “AND” type.

But the artiste who’s is responsible for the publishing of the song gets the upper hand on the royalty split..

In summary, the key difference between “featuring” and “AND” is that “featuring” implies a guest appearance by one artist on another artist’s song, while “and” implies an equal collaboration between two or more artists on a song. Whether you’re an aspiring artist or just a music enthusiast, understanding the differences between “featuring” and “and” collaborations can help you appreciate the artistry and creativity behind each song.

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