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Igbala ti de – Skat praise ft Biyi Samuel (igi aruwe)


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Igbala ti de – Skat praise ft Biyi Samuel (igi aruwe)

Igbala Ti De – Skat Praise Ft Biyi Samuel

From the crooner of IFE IYEBIYE comes another great and inspirational piece with a native blend of percussion titled “IGBALA TI DE” which translates to “Salvation Has Come”.
And with the intention to interpret the message even better, the single features veteran Nigeria handsome and sensational gospel minister Biyi Samuel the Igi Aruwe Crooner.

The song was released in the ambiance of the Christmas season.
Produced By Octave

Listen and download here




Song Lyrics :



Prelude – Nitori a bi omo kunrin kan funwa.
Ijoba yio si wa ni ejika re
A o maa pe ni
Emma nueli…
Vocal 1
Skat Praise
Eho eyo oooo, omo eniyan.
Itura de…, I…mole de ooooo
Bina bawoleee okunkun a para da… a…tibi… Olugbala wa.
A…tibi…., a…tibi….
Abi Olugbala kan funwa ooo
Iyee wole de…../2ce
Vocal 2
Biyi Samuel
Asiri orun oun aye, owa pelu eni toda orun oun aye.
Iye wa pelu Olorun ododo, igbala wa pelu Olugbala wa.
Oba to tele bi eni teni, ijinle leyin gbogbo itan.
Arugbo ojo, arugbo ojo alagbawi imole mii de.
Vocal 3
Skat Praise
Owa sayeee, kawa baa le yeee.
Bibi Olugbala iyaanu shaaa loje…, ijoba bo lowo satani…
Igbala tide…. fun gbogbo araye eeeeeee
A…tibi…., a…tibi….
Abi Olugbala kan funwa ooo
Iyee wole de…../2ce
Skat Praise
Call – Otide o…..
Rest – Igbala ti de….
Call – Igbala tide sinu ayemi, ode sinu aye re, ode sorile ede Nigeria o.
Res – Igbala ti de….
Call – Oun labani mule mama dani, ogbeja maseke ogbeja keru o bo…..nijaaa
Res – Igbala ti de….
Call – Oun loba toun foba je totun roba loye, oun logbemi soke to somi doge eee aaa.
Res – Igbala ti de…
Ijoba tibo lowo satani aaati yege…
Iye aye de oo, Olugbala de/2ce
Biyi Samuel
Call – Arugbo ojo tii de ooo
Res – Igbala ti de….
Call – Kabiesi aponmo mo mo mo weyin arugbo ojo oo
Res – Igbala ti de…..
Call – Ijinle leyin gbogbo itan, gbanigbani… lanilani kabiesi
Res – Igbala ti de….
Call – Olugbala araye eee aduro tini nijo ogun le
Res – Igbala ti de…..
Call – Oke leyin onigbagbo o obiri ayi ayigba pada Igbala ti de
Res – Igbala ti de….
Ijoba tibo lowo satani aaati yegeee, iye aye de o Olugbala de/2ce
Call – Olorun aposteli yi de o….
Res – Igbala ti de…
Call – Ogbeni nija keru o…. bonijaaa ee
Res – Igbala ti de…
Call – Iwo shani ibere iwo shani ipari aatopin oo
Res – Igbala ti de
Ijoba ti bo lowo satani aaati yegeee iye aye de oo Olugbala de……/2ce
Iye ayerayeee
Olugbala mi deee o
Olugbala mi de
Oti de oooooooooo
Ose kabiesi
Iye aye de
Igbala ti de

About Skat Praise

Atoyebi Stephen Tolulope popularly known as ‘Skat Praise’ is a Gospel music minister with the mandate to preach the Gospel through inspirational songs and touch lives.
He is a graceful minister, instrumentalist and a prolific writer.
He is the composer of the great songs ‘Igbala Ti De featuring Biyi Samuel and Opemi Po featuring Ope Gold’ which is still trending and some other blessed songs.


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