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Grace Abiodun

– Invade Me –

About the song:

It’s a purely inspirational song from the holy spirit and a song of seeking divine intervention.
Invade me is a song that God will use to bring every dead situation back to life

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Song lyrics

Adlib: Invade me oh God
Invade me Lord
Spirit of the Living God
Invade me oooooh God go
Repeat : Invade us lord
Here we are
Invade us 2x
Oooh God
Lead: Lord do Your workI
n me as a mighty rushing wind 2x
Haaaa aaaaaaaa 2x
Invade me
Till my bone comes alive
( Invade us God , Spirit of the Living God,here we are, blow through us to our world)
Lead2: Blow your winds on me 2x
Till my life brings You joy
Response: Haaaaaaaaa 2x
Invade me
Till my bone comes alive
Adlib: Lord do Your work
Invade us God , trouble our water Lord till we become a blessing to our world
Flow through us 2x to around the world
Come and invade us
Underneath: Sha la la sha lala sha la la
Invade me till my bone comes alive
Adlib: Let Your sound comes from Heaven
And turn us to wonder
O breathe till we become a great army in Your kingdom
Lead 3: Lord do Your work 3x
Come do Your work Jesus
Come do your work Spirit of the Living God
Come do Your work
Haaaaaaaaa ( Repeat)
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