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Appreciate your designer “ An open letter to brands, music artist (gospel and circular), events planners and other stakeholders in the industry.”

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An open letter to brands, music artist (gospel and circular), events planners and other stakeholders in the industry.

Graphic design is more than just aesthetics. It is a form of communication(visual) between your business, brand, event and your audience. Businesses use graphics in every stage of marketing to inform, engage and eventually persuade prospective customers to make a purchase or take a desired action.

A designer brings that dream or vision of your business/event into reality with the use of design techniques.


Designers, therefore are the first point of contact before the major sponsors and other stakeholders involved in your business, brand and event.
– Designers type the letters you give to your sponsors and invited guests.
– Designers package your invitation cards with attractive designs and quality printing.
-That stage that looks so beautiful to the eyes of your audience was branded by your designer.
– Designers commit several hours of time to get that ‘perfect’ design a client asked for.
Hmmm…but despite all their commitment, they fail to get the appreciation and public recognition they deserve.

Some are even underpaid for the services they rendered.
Many request for free designs, some have a lot of outstanding payments with designers, they leave, then hire another designer.
Person way help you bring your dream in to reality with his/her talent needs to be appreciated.

The fact that some clients actually get low quality works which are far below what they paid the designer is not overlooked but a good designer who does his/her work in a pleasing manner should be duly appreciated.

A great designer goes all the way to deliver a work that is top-notch no matter the time and efforts it might take.

Go to your stage when you are mentioning name of sponsors, when appreciating vendors on your stage biko mention your diligent designer.

*A Graphics Designer who is appreciated is motivated to create more innovative design work.*


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