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The Secret – Richard O.Ademolayan


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The Secret
Written & Published:2020

If life is a race, then wisdom is needed before taking a pace.
For the Secret is always in the Secret Place.
And consistently must every runner set their gaze,
As they alienate every factors that should get them displaced,
To avoid the entire journey ending up like a foray.
Sir, this isn’t about participating in the rat race,
Prescribed by political brutes remoulding systems with human minds-their clay.
And causing the younger populace to wallow in “A Life of Dismay”
Listen up! Uniqueness isn’t found following the public domain.
Greatness evolves when men aren’t gratified towards premature display.

See! You need to visit the Secret Place.
That junction where only God says,
And every other fables of men are kept away.
Oh! Money answereth all things they always say
But when you answer a question and fail, you retake.

So, why not quit struggling with life where you get frayed
And enter a Kingdom where we advance when we Wait,
With our souls on God kept still and plain.
Here, the Creator knits the creature while the we pray.
Because acknowledging Jesus as the wisdom source as the Bible says,
Is one of the Secret found in the Secret Place.
Have you found the Secret Place?
Richard O.Ademolayan
Special Thanks: The Holy Spirit

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