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Poem: My Nation – Obisesan Oluwaferanmi Tunmise.


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Hmmmm…..my country.
Bad road in most places.
Traffic couldn’t move freely at an average speed.
Darkness naturally enveloped the earth and no electricity to give the light,except a few express ways.

Government cheating the people.
Telling untrue stories all the time.
Riding people like a horse with taxes.They are to be called liars.
Happy they feels when there lies seemed acceptable,but worthless it become to Nigerians when the lies are discovered.

‘Never shall we kill him’
Helpless accident victim and walk away with his belongings, that we shall never do..
Does it make someone to be wealthy?.
As a day meal does not satisfy forever.

Poor educational provision Nationwide,masses children cheering suffering, poverty,insecurity everywhere, Inadequate teaching facility and infrastructures.
No wonder their own children study abroad.

I know it is possible.
A great nation free of crime.
A great nation free of corruption.
A great nation free of violence and conflict.
Developed a great nation among all.

Written by:
Obisesan Oluwaferanmi Tunmise.
Emmanuel and Emmanuella Schools.

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