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(A Motivational speaker, writer and a life coach) 

Mr Orimiladeye Mordecai Olamide who is fondly called Mordy.

He is a Motivational speaker, writer, and a life coach.

He is the Founder of Teens On Purpose International, an N.G.O that aims at raising an army of purpose driven teenagers and young adults. With subsidiaries like TOP CLUB, a community that was created to educate, train, inspire and mentor teenagers and young adults. The goals of the club is to help them (teenagers and young adults) discover their purpose, develop their potentials and make positive impact in the world.

They engage in activities like reading books and the Bible, Q&A sessions, Teachings & Trainings, etc. So far, over 200 young adults have been trained and mentored, who are now living a purposeful life.

Among the events annually held is the teenagers conference called TOP Conference, a gathering of teenagers and young adults inspired and equipped to fulfil God’s purpose for their lives. The organization started in 2018 and have held 3 editions so far with hundreds of teenagers impacted.

Orimiladeye Mordecai Olamide is also the founder and content creator of MordyQuotes, an online Motivational platform where he shares motivational contents like quotes, videos, write-ups to inspire people to be whomever they choose to be.

The journey began in June 2017 during his Industrial Training program in Lagos, and in just 3 years, we now have over 55,000 audience from 98 countries that follow his contents and are inspired by it.

Orimiladeye Mordecai Olamide was born in the city of Ondo. He is also the first child and only Son in a family of 4.

He was brought up in a Christian home and as a kid, was taught the ways of God and to live by the principles of the Bible and to him, has guided everything he has done thus far . His sole goal is always to please God and fulfil His purpose for his life.

Previous Projects:

In 2019, While serving in a village in Rivers State called Ataba, Mr Orimiladeye saw the moral decadence and ignorance that was predominant among the young people in the community. One could see young girls of 18, 19 who are already pregnant and some have already had abortions several times. Similarly, one would see young guys in cult and other immoral act among teenagers and young adults.

Mordecai decided to do something to change that, hence one of his projects, TOP CLUB was established. He met with the young people in the community every Saturday to train, educate and mentor them about life, academics, sexuality, purpose and so on.

Before he left, they had recorded remarkable improvement in their overall behaviors.

When the lock down started, Mr Orimiladeye also brought the club online and it has been doing amazingly well.

He is the author of 2 books; Creating your life goals, published in December 2020, a book that guides you on how to set goals, make plans, and live the life you’ve always wanted,

And his second book; Life Lessons For Purposeful Living, published in June 2021, a compilation of powerful, inspiring and thought-provoking words to inspire you as you journey through life.

So far he has received positive reviews from people who read the book and he is said to feel accomplished as the book has impacted positively to teenagers and young adults.

Upcoming projects.

He’s  currently working on his 3rd book which will be launched in July. It is titled The Purpose Driven Teenager, a teenager’s guide to discovering and fulfilling purpose. The book will teach young people how to discover their purpose, capture a vision for their lives, Discover their talents and set goals for their life.*.

Also,  Mordecai is Planning on an outreach to secondary schools in the city of ondo this July. He will be educating the students on how to take responsibility for their lives, leading change and making a positive difference in their community. He will also be giving out 1,000 free copies of his new book “The purpose driven teenager” to 1,000 teenagers in various schools as a way of contributing to their growth and development and also encouraging reading culture amongst the students.

Mordecai is currently single and searching. 😁

He Studied Agricultural Engineering at the Federal University of Technology Akure and graduated in October 2018 as one of the top students in his department.

Over the years, he has been able to learn a couple of skills which has also aided his work online.
He is also a certified Digital Marketer, A full stack Web developer and a Copywriter.

He got into limelight as regards to his work in MordyQuotes which has reached over 14 million people and touched lives. He receives messages from people all over the world sharing testimonies of how his quotes saved them from committing suicide, helped them during depression and frustrations.

Messages like these gave him more reason to keep doing what he is devoted to. He is committed to preaching hope and inspiring Lives.

He believes each and every human on earth has a seed of greatness, we all have great potentials, and we must be committed to growing and developing them and then using them in service to God and humanity.

Mr Orimiladeye favorite quote is from the scripture, in the book of Matthew 5:16, it says “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father in Heaven”.



Music and Passion

Skat Praise


These two are of different expression but are closely associated.

We take the two after the other.


This is simply the vocals or instrumental sounds combined or arranged in such a way as to produce beauty forms, harmony and expression of emotion.
It refers to a collection of coordinated sound or sounds.
Music or musical work serves as an entertainment for people in the form of singing, playing and dancing.


Passion is a strong inclination towards a self- defining activity that we love, value and invest our energy in.
Passion is a strong and barely uncontrollable emotions.

There are two types of passion.

I. Obsessive Passion: this entails becoming obsessed with or relentlessly pursuing that which one is passionate about. With obsessive passion, the activity overpowers the person. It is a strong desire to engage in an activity and that eventually get out of control, i.e instead the passion takes control of oneself.

II. Harmonious Passion
This is a kind of passion which requires a strong desire to engage in the activity that eventually remains under the person’s control. A person chooses to engage of his/her own free will or volition. i.e one choose when and when not to engage in the activity.

Now explaining these types of passion, without much talk we all know which of it we should go for and which would help and build one musically.
We have people that can’t leave a day of their lives without music either playing or singing it because it has a way of influencing them positively, this simply means it’s become their passion one they can’t have a day without.
I have heard of cases where people say if they’re reading and not listening to silent music they can’t assimilate while some will say ‘if I’m not listening to music this work will be slow’, it simply connotes it has become their passion in which they can relate and work tirelessly.
When you have serious passion for a thing such as music it helps one concentrate without feeling weak even during a tedious work.

All things considered, you can’t have passion for what you don’t have pleasure in, your passion comes from what you have pleasure in. It happens in cases when you hear or see that thing you derive pleasure in, it becomes a part of you and when not doing it you feel as if something is missing in you.

It’s possible you like music and don’t have passion for it because passion must be from within which must not be forced and it’s not a thing you do because others are doing it.




In 2019, there are approximately 2.77 billion social media users. Therefore, establishing a social media presence can play a huge role in generating business growth.

With social media marketing, consistency is key. Maintaining a social media presence will not only establish your brand, but will help develop connections with existing clients and build trust with potential clients.

The Benefits

Although it involves strategic planning and commitment, having a social media presence is beneficial for business in a variety of ways.

Because we live in a digital age, most people rely on the internet to educate themselves. Therefore, what your business publishes online will solidify your credibility and reputation.

Your social media posts should showcase your industry knowledge, appeal to your clients’ interests, and reveal your brand’s identity.

Publishing online content and establishing a social media presence serves as a way to communicate, meet consumer needs, and build trust before you establish a direct relationship. Additionally, you can connect with clients on a personal level in an environment in which common interests are shared.

OS World1 Media Team offers social media management services to clients who seek ensured business growth. Springwood assists in content creation and publishing weekly or bi-weekly posts to all company social media accounts.

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