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News Update ; Letter to Senator Adeleke – Pelumi Olajengbesi Esq



Letter to Senator Adeleke

Dear Sir,

Happy Birthday, Distinguished Senator.

I write to extend my heartfelt wishes and prayers to you on the occasion of your birthday, Distinguished Senator, sir. May I convey my felicitation and best regards through this means as you turn another corner in your life circle, sir.

Having enjoyed the privilege of knowing you personally, and observing you closely as a public servant, I do reserve the right to make a few commentary on your exemplary life especially as it pertains to your passion, commitments and your aspiration for a better Osun state and Nigeria as a whole.

I believe I speak the minds of the many great people of Osun state, Nigeria as a whole, and indeed the rest of the world when I say you have been a gem and a discovery especially in our people’s political and economic life.

Your dedication to the progress of our people is exemplary, even as it be-speaks your strong determination against the most difficult odds to push through your plans and programmes for progress.

You’re an exemplary servant-leader, honest in your investments for the development of your constituency and state. I share the belief with a great many sons and daughters of our land that given an expanded political platform, sir, you will do even greater exploits in the delivery of democratic dividends for our people.

Your determination and passion to achieve what you set out to do is remarkable and truly inspires many a great generation of Osun and Nigerian youths. You have been exemplary in the pursuit of your aspirations, and from this many of us have come to appreciate the virtue of consistency and humility, we are motivated to do our very best thus. Thank you for being such a wonderful leader!

There is a sincerity and honesty with which you speak of your concern about the people’s welfare and interest in human development. I am thus hopeful that indeed someday, our great state will reap the gains of your drive.

Today I celebrate you as a great man of many colors: vibrant, excellent and steadfast. May glad tidings besot your very endeavours and may your years be long and fulfilling.Happy Birthday, sir and many happy returns.

Pelumi Olajengbesi Esq
Principal Partner at Pelumi Olajengbesi & Co. Law Corridor & PDP Candidate, Oriade Constituency, Osun State at the 2019 Elections.

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