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Featured: *MY PAST, MY PRESENT AND MY FUTURE* by Esther Ara Ni Jesu


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©Esther Ara Ni Jesu

*I was wondering in my journey of life… How life has dealt with me in the past and what my past has caused me and how to come out from its regrets. This has brought so many questions that are yet to be answered. Sometimes i do ask myself how this past has come to be… Is it that it has been ordained by the creator or is if a compulsory way a human being must go through in this life.*

*I sometimes have to ask God why all these things are allowed to happen. All these makes me come into this conclusion, that everyone in this world has come from one or two pasts either good or bad., some were the result of never being shown the true love of God., while some were shown but ignored it even to the extent that they can’t recall their encounters with the Holy Spirit because we were made to know that the Holy Spirit will teach us and to make us know what is good and that which is evil.*

*Some of us were raised in a Christian home while some were not. The question begging for answer now is that does being raised from a Christian home have any positive influence on us to make us record a wonderful past or does it add any positive value to our lives? Your past, present ,and future revolve around what God has ordained that must happen to you throughout your existence on earth.*

*Either you were born from a Christian home or not, the truth is that you have a past be it good or bad. If you have an ugly past, it takes the grace of God to be able to stand up with great courage to correct your life so that the future can be glorious. In this world we are today, don’t allow your past to cause a setback for you because the moment you accept failure or defeat; you stop struggling to rise which will in turn bring about your end. So don’t let your past determine your progress in life. There is this quote that goes “our destiny has come and it has ended, we just enter into it like drunken lovers.”*

*Check your mistakes…*
*Take responsibilities for your actions of the past….*
*Work on yourself.,never accept defeat…*
*Be strong., be courageous., be ready., face and fight the challenges* *coming your way for a brighter future…*
*Your past can’t determine who you have got to be in the future if you *don’t allow it…!!!*

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